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Weekly Sessionz


9am – 12pm

12pm – 3pm


9am – 12pm

12pm – 3pm


9am – 12pm

12pm – 3pm


9am – 12pm

12pm – 3pm


9am – 12pm

12pm – 3pm


10am – 3pm



What better way to start the day than with some dance and movement that is fun and filled with lots of laughter! We combine different styles of choreography that include, zumba, line dancing, popular dances and old routines to make the morning fun, energetic and fitness based.

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During our group orchestra sessions our participants are given an opportunity to learn to play different instruments while working together as a group. Concentration and persistence make learning new songs a fun challenge for us all.

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Our Colourz Choir rehearse more formalized group songs in a fun and relaxed setting, with the addition of sign language. This gives our participants a chance to sing on stage in a group setting which offers a feeling of comfort and security for those feeling apprehensive about singing in front of an audience. It’s also a chance to expand their sign language knowledge, making the songs performed by the choir even more inclusive.

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Performance practice and stage confidence takes centre stage during our Spotlight sessions! Each person is given the opportunity to perform a song of their choice on stage while everyone else enjoys the show, singing along, dancing and playing instruments. The variety of music is great, and means the program is always fresh and exciting. We will also incorporate theme days into spotlight just to spice things up!

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Performing Artz

This program is rehearsal time for any upcoming shows and concerts. As well as rehearsing new routines, the feeling of being included, gaining confidence, and being a valued member of our program is of utmost importance to us. We strive to make all participants feel like they are achieving their best whilst having fun.

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Creative Mindz

Our Creative Mindz program changes week to week as we begin new projects. We focus on expression through art, craft, painting, drawing, creating, and working on fine motor skills. This program operates in a quieter atmosphere, which encourages concentration and creativity. Staff are always on hand to work co-actively alongside participants when necessary.

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Skill Masterz is a fun and upbeat program designed to maintain and increase our fine motor skills and fitness. Specific skills will be targeted through activities that incorporate both physical and mental skill development in an individual and team environment.

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This program covers a wide variety of Media including photography, script writing, filming, acting and design. Participants of Clickz will have the opportunity to engage and learn more about a variety of media streams.

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This is a fun program, no pressure, an enjoyable and easy way to finish the week with your friends! Afternoon assortment may include things like disco, singing, fun orchestra, games or group activities or rehearsals.

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Term Dates 2024

Term One

First Day – Monday 8th January

Last Day – Thursday 28th March

COLOURZ will be closed from Friday 29th March to Sunday 7th April

Term Two

First Day -Monday 8th April

Last Day – Friday 28th June

COLOURZ will be closed from Saturday 29th June to Sunday 7th July

Term Three

First Day – Monday 8th July

Last Day – Friday 20th September

COLOURZ will be closed from Saturday 21st September to Sunday 29th September.

Term Four

First Day – Monday 30th September

Last Day – Friday 20th December

COLOURZ will be closed from Saturday 21st December to Sunday 5th January 2025

NOTE: First day for 2025 will be Monday January 6th.

Colourz is also closed on the following dates outside of term breaks

Australia Day

Friday 26th January

Labour Day

Monday 11th March

Anzac Day

Thursday 25th April

Kings Birthday

Monday 10th June

Melbourne Cup

Tuesday 5th November

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